Bringing alignment between your business processes and your systems, producing the clean, actionable data you need to make truly data informed decisions

We help you align your systems with your business processes, so they produce clean, actionable data.

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Our Satisfied Clients

StarSpring Consulting works with visionary leaders in public transit, manufacturing, and fintech, who are struggling with technical debt, lack of system integration, and/or the need to be migrated to the cloud.

We help align systems with business processes, so that those systems produce the clean, actionable data needed to make truly data-informed decisions.

“A key benefit which I always appreciated, and why I continued to engage StarSpring, is that solutions were implemented and executed efficiently. The team saw the work through, progress was always demonstrable and issues were mitigated, all while remaining focused on the end objective.”

Michael Gregson

Former SVP of Risk Management, Citizens Financial Group

“Tim brings a unique personality and set of skills to everything he does, and his approach is marked by a logical, methodical viewpoint that always leads to exceptional solutions paired with effective communication skills. He consistently communicated complex technological concepts in accessible terms to the everyday executive and rapidly gained my deepest trust with his commitment to being candid and clear at all times.”

Jessica Vonashek

Former Chief Officer of Operations Policy and Oversight, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

“The ability to effectively manage a multi-faceted project that is complex in nature comes effortlessly to Tim.”

Michael Samoulian

Director of Transformational Change, Blackrock

“In my experience, Tim is a leader that has demonstrated a willingness to look at the big picture, incorporate feedback while remaining task-oriented and laser-focused to meet project goals.”

Norman Michaud

Former Assistant General Manager of Rail Operations, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)
Mark D'Arcy Headshot

“Tim gave me crucial leverage by taking all my unrefined ideas and distilling them into salient, cohesive points we could easily frame, position, and execute against.”

Mark D'Arcy

President & CEO of FINCAD (Former SVP of Enterprise Risk Management at State Street)

“Tim has passion running through his veins. He’s a passionate executor who gets personally involved. His ability to connect with my team, earn their trust, and get them to buy in was nothing short of remarkable. His communication skills are top-notch, and he engages with everyone on a personal level to really understand and solve the issues at hand. Tim stands out because he wears his passion on his sleeve—quite literally, as a well-dressed man, but also through his dedication to seeing us succeed.”

Mike Hale

Owner/CEO, AJA International

When you have clean actionable data, you can make better decisions.

Data-Informed decisions are the cornerstone of your operations. But you’re frustrated by inaccurate data from your organization’s legacy (or ill-fitting) systems that clog the flow of information to the other systems in your organization.

You know how a garden hose gets kinked and the flow of water slows to a trickle? That’s what’s happening to your data. Except in some cases, the hose is attached to the wrong spigot!

Do you lack the data you need to make informed decisions?

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