At StarSpring Consulting we help you align your systems with your business processes, update and connect them so they produce clean, actionable data.
At StarSpring Consulting we help you align your systems with your business processes, update and connect them so they produce clean, actionable data.

Founded in 2006, StarSpring Consulting was born from the idea that a few industry-leading consultants could join together to provide a client experience based on trust, integrity, and quality. StarSpring Consulting is a mid-sized privately owned and operated consulting firm that proudly services the needs of businesses from coast to coast.

The resulting fusion of honest business and technological expertise with a people-based, communication driven approach has positively impacted multiple agencies and businesses, resulting in better business processes, the right tools for teams to do their jobs, and the clean, actionable data needed to make data-informed decisions.

Much of our business comes from repeat customers who truly appreciate what our firm has delivered over the years. We are constantly growing to meet the dynamic demands of our clients while maintaining our foundational ideals of quality, integrity, and honesty. The StarSpring Consulting team has decades of hands-on experience in every area of expertise that we service, including the public transit and transportation industries, financial services, and manufacturing, among others.


StarSpring revolves around its clients, and we are focused on providing superior service and expertise. We aim to make impactful improvements for your business that result in increases to your bottom line.

First, we look at your roadblocks from your customers’ perspective. Then, we work by your side to integrate more effective processes, systems, and technologies that promote coordination throughout your business. Finally, we transfer those new skills to you in a manageable way to ensure lasting benefits.


Our approach to business is straightforward, uncomplicated and to-the-point.

We are committed to quality, integrity, and honesty, which means we strive to get your business the correct resources the first time.

We also help you eliminate wasted energy on hitting the corporate benchmarks that larger firms set.

Meet the StarSpring Consulting Team

Tim Colligan, President and CEO

Tim has a 20-year track record of leading transformational programs, rationalizing IT architectures to integrate seamlessly with business processes, and improving/streamlining business and technical processes with a people-based approach.
When Tim hits the ground at your business, he’ll first look at:
  • What are your business lines doing?
  • How are they talking to each other – or not talking to each other?
  • And what touchpoints do the systems of those business lines have or not have with each other?
Tim steps in and takes a bird’s-eye view to see how everything interacts, pinpoints where the pain points are, and determines what low hanging fruit that his team can fix first so they can get early wins and momentum, while never taking his eyes off strategic deliverables. This tried-and-true method has been the hallmark of his career, and it works wherever StarSpring Consulting goes. When he’s not tackling tough IT challenges for his clients, Tim is competitively ballroom dancing, playing bass guitar (albeit poorly), and enjoying the finer things in life, including food and fashion. He also loves spending time with his kids and sitting around a lot of fires talking to people.

Jeffrey Malkin, Managing Director, Consulting Operations

Jeffrey has an extensive background focusing on assisting organizations with selecting, implementing and realizing value from operational technology so that leaders can make data-informed decisions.

Over the course of his career Jeffrey has served as a business transformation advisor, assisting with strategy and selection of software along with implementation and best practices. He has extensive experience in program office and project management, specifically for technology projects, primarily PMP-oriented, multi-year, multimillion-dollar projects.

He translated his career experience as a programmer working in various software shops and on Java-based projects into his later work as a software development engineer, including agile development methodologies.

In his consulting role, Jeffrey led and participated in several opportunity pursuits. As an operations director within a consulting organization, he led and managed a team of consultants to ensure organization profitability.

At the end of the day, he’s driven by efficiency and effectiveness without sacrificing quality. He keeps his focus both on getting things done himself and on making it possible for the people around him to get things done so that projects can move forward.

When he is not helping enterprise data transact efficiently, Jeffrey is out helping others with their home projects and repairs.  Whether it is installing smart home technology or remodeling a house, he likes to swing a hammer at things.  Jeffrey likes to tackle tasks he has never done before just to see if he can do it — but will draw the line at medical procedures and courtroom litigation.  He is a road warrior/million miler, and when you look at his GPS, he has the airport as his work address.  When forced by his family to take some down time, you can find him on a beach or the slopes.

Greg Colligan, Director, Business Systems Analysis

Greg Colligan is a results-driven IT professional with 8+ years of experience, conducting business systems analysis, project management, quality assurance testing, authoring of user guides and implementation plans, and deep dive data analysis for both small and large clients . He quickly adapts to his surroundings even in the most challenging business and technology environments. His main goal in any engagement is delivering quality results to his clients and he is relentless in his pursuit of this goal.

Greg is driven to expand his skillset in the ever-changing world of technology and business processes.  He has a passion for numbers, statistics, and data of all forms and brings his passion to work on client projects. In his personal time he enjoys watching professional sports (both live and televised) and seeks peaceful reprieve in the mountains of New England.

Mary Cecil, Chief of Staff

Mary Cecil grew up in Northern Virginia, heavily involved in music and theater. Her experiences in performance culminated in a BA degree in Music from Florida State University.  Additionally, opportunities in technology, administration, and project management have consistently been a part of her career and growth. Positions she has held in these fields include sales, network interconnectivity, web development, and film/music production and editing.

Through her professional career she has learned how easy it is to blend computer technology with artistic production.  This, combined with her desire to help people grow and achieve their goals, has translated easily into her role as Executive Administrator here at StarSpring Consulting. She is very grateful to be working with a team that is passionate about working on projects that leave a positive impact in this world.

When Mary is not working, she can be found travelling, reading, exercising, or spending time with her husband and two pups. She loves trying new things and learning anything that piques her interest (and she is easily excited and interested in things).

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