Business Intelligence and Reporting should be at the top of your decision-making toolbox

Business Intelligence and Reporting Should Be at the Top of your Decision-making Toolbox

Business intelligence is just a fancy phrase for multi-data point reporting. And it is almost always what executives want to come out of any sort of system integration. Good business intelligence and reporting resources are what allow executives to make data-informed decisions. Your systems should provide easily accessible data in graph or chart form that allows you to see trends and to determine whether any changes are needed to your services or general business process so that you can increase profitability and productivity. The first step we take with clients is assessment:
  • What are your key performance indicators?
  • What do you need to be more visible in your current systems to help you make better decisions based on what you have right now?
Then we build the reporting around the frequency the business needs so that they get clean, concise information – which leads to prompt, actionable decisions. Technically, business intelligence and reporting is the tool that business leaders need in order to make their decisions, but it’s often an afterthought. In fact, doing a thoughtful analysis at the beginning of a project to determine what type of outputs you want as you make decisions is a necessary step. We weave that into the DNA of the project so that you’re constantly building meaningful reports that people will actually use.