Taking a Big-picture Approach to
Your Business Architecture
Taking a Big-picture Approach to Your Business Architecture
When people look for an architect, they’re typically thinking of Enterprise (Technical) Architecture, which answers the questions:
  • What are the systems that comprise the entirety of my business ecosystem?
  • How do they interrelate with each other?
  • And if I change things around, how are they going to talk to each other in ways that drive the business forward?

The reason we say “Enterprise Business and Technical Architecture” is that if you take a look at all of the different systems that comprise your technical architecture but don’t look at how each department is doing their part in the business architecture as a whole – including how they communicate with one another – then when you receive information from those departments on what they need their software to do, you may unintentionally be building software that is going to perpetuate bad business and interpersonal behavior in the long run.

When the StarSpring Consulting team comes in, we take a good look at what the business is trying to achieve as a whole – this is the whole idea behind “business architecture” – how the different business lines underneath that umbrella are trying to do their part, and how it furthers the entire goal, while we look at the entire technical ecosystem to make sure that you are making the exact right choice when you modify existing software, put in new software and/or decommission old software.