Fractional CTO Services

Are you a visionary leader running a small to mid-sized business frustrated by inaccurate data from your organization’s legacy (or ill-fitting) systems that clog the flow of information to the other systems in your organization?

Maybe you have an IT person or small IT staff, but you don’t have a strategic technology thinker in your organization. Your IT person or staff is more focused on the day-to-day rather than the long-term strategic scalability and enterprise architecture.

Most of these businesses find money in their budget for a CFO to help make strategic decisions from a money perspective to move the business forward, but they don’t necessarily have the budget for a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to use their business vision and leverage finances to build system and process infrastructure to scale and become more profitable.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’re at a crossroads where:

  1. You have too much technical debt. (AKA you have systems whose last major upgrade was 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.)
  2. You have mismatched systems. (You’ve never taken a look at all your different systems and how they interact with each other to make a cohesive environment.)
  3. You haven’t started to build a technical infrastructure. (You don’t have anything – whether it’s servers, cloud, or otherwise that allows you to utilize and protect your data and scale your business.)

…and it’s hampering your ability to sell and make decisions that allow you to scale in a sustainable, efficient, and profitable way.

When you have a big-picture, holistic, solutions-oriented CTO on board, you can grow, not just maintain the status quo.

A Fractional CTO helps CEOs make strategic technical decisions about how to level up the business in terms of scalability, profitability, and aligning with the business vision. They can also help turn existing technical teams into lean, mean tech machines that are better attuned to the needs of the business.

Here’s what a Fractional CTO can do for you:

  1. Support your business vision.
  2. Get you the clean, actionable data you need to make data-informed business decisions.
  3. Map out your current process and systems to make informed decisions about what the future vision looks like.
  4. Help you make decisions like choosing software, hiring new people, and coaching existing people to achieve your interim and long-term visionary goals.
  5. Train and nurture your technical people and leaders to do what you need them to do, giving you access to much more experience and skill.
  6. Get your people positively invested in the changes in your organization and actively helping changes occur.

What all this brings you? Faster solutions, less risk, money saved, and increased flexibility.

Let’s make data-informed decisions the cornerstone of your operations.

If you’re ready to increase profitability, scale your business, and get the left hand person you need to align your business vision...