Fractional Tech Department

Are you a visionary leader at a crossroads in your business where you’re struggling with:

  • Problems with the data that start with an obscure data entry system that confuses users as to what’s supposed to be entered in the first place, which eventually generates meaningless reports.
  • Erroneous data being fed to other systems within your organization, leading to even more inaccurate information, interrupting business operations.
  • Frustrated customers who get different answers from different departments.
…and it’s hampering your ability to sell and make decisions that allow you to scale in a sustainable, efficient, and profitable way?

Do you know you need:

  • Technology systems that are aligned with business processes, allowing current and accurate information to flow seamlessly from one department to another.
  • Systems you trust that provide the key metrics to make Data-Informed decisions, especially when it comes to performance indicators.
  • Confidence that you have the right information at your fingertips to identify trends and revenue-generating opportunities.

…but you don’t have the staff on hand to do a transformation of this magnitude?

Most of these businesses find money in their budget for a CFO to help make strategic decisions from a money perspective to move the business forward, but they don’t necessarily have the budget for a full-time Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to take their business vision and leverage finances to build system and process infrastructure to scale and become more profitable.

When you have a big-picture, holistic, solutions-oriented CTO on board
you can grow, not just maintain the status quo.

And with Fractional Tech Department services, you don’t just get a Fractional CTO. You get the strategic technical support you need for your transformational projects and the people to get it done on the ground.

Our in-house technical folks are seasoned at transformational projects, and they’re here to streamline and scale yours.

In addition to CTO expertise, you get project management help, development and analysis support, testing and more:

Project Managers to make sure you have a project plan that you are marching towards, keep people on top of their tasks, and proactively work to unblock issues so your team can keep going on their way and the daily operations can run smoothly.

Business Analysts and Business Systems Analysts to figure out the what, why and how, giving the development team a specification to develop to and for Software Quality Assurance team members to write test cases.

Application Developers fluent in all of the major programming languages that are used today for user interface and middleware development, with cross-training that ensures they have an understanding of what the business is trying to do as a whole.

Software Quality Assurance Analysts who really try to break the system.  Software users do plenty of things the developers never saw coming, so we want our analysts to make some moves that you wouldn’t expect.

We do a transformational project with you from soup to nuts. Interested?