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What Sustainable Manufacturing and Green Energy Have to Do with Business

In the 80s, a lot of American industry moved overseas. We shifted from an industrial economy that built things to a service economy that serviced things that had already been built.

The fact that we build a lot less in this country than we used to means we don’t have a lot of factories left. (Look at Detroit and what happened when the auto industry left.)

I believe in manufacturing coming back to the United States especially as a way for us to become a leader in building sustainable products and a green economy.

Obama said we have an addiction to oil, and I agree 100%. Energy is the biggest problem we have.

There are so many problems with our current energy setup on this planet. It doesn’t work well, and it’s designed on a premise that’s going to collapse no matter what.

That’s why I love helping small to medium sized, up and coming manufacturing companies that are building products that help us solve these problems.

I’m currently working with a client who builds a technology that has a direct bearing on green technologies and space travel. Their R&D is helping us get to the green future that many of us envision.

And they’re super good at what they do! They’re amazing at making this incredible technologically advanced product, but they still use the email software I used in college. They’re a multi-million dollar business still using a lot of manual and paper based processes and as they grow, it’s causing them pain.

They need help with their data and systems, and I feel great helping them because their mission is to make the world a better place.

When people imagine industry coming back to the US, they picture factories belching smoke into the air and toxins into the rivers. But people need to understand that we can go green and be sustainable. Not all industries that build things create that amount of waste. A lot of these industries can be clean, produce goods, and keep us at the forefront of innovation in this new greensphere.

So, if you’re a small to medium sized manufacturing business that’s really good at making what you make but have lots of paper-based processes which are making it hard for you to do your job, give us a call. We’ll make everything suck less and make you more profitable in the long-run with systems that work for you and give you the ability to make data-informed decisions.