A successful HASTUS integration enables data-informed decision-making

A Successful HASTUS Integration Enables Data-Informed Decision-making

At the core of a HASTUS implementation is integration with your vehicle location (CAD/AVL) system. Integration with your other core enterprise transit systems such as:

  • Automated Passenger Count (APC)
  • Payroll/HR/Human Capital Management system(s)
  • Rail Vehicle Location (SCADA)
  • Vehicle Maintenance System(s)

are also critical.


Because those system integrations provide information such as:

  • What employees need to be paid (including accrued paid leave and sick time) based on their collectively bargained pay rules
  • Where employees are that are operating your buses and/or trains vs. where they are scheduled to be (to determine on-time performance/loss of service and for use in future service planning/scheduling)
  • Passenger load on vehicles/routes at all scheduled times daily (for use in future service planning/scheduling)
  • A more comprehensive view of the system over a given time period.

All of which enable you to make actionable, data-informed decisions about your operations.