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How to Select Software for Your Business

Business owners: you can’t just choose a software and run with it.

Or, you can, but you’ll probably waste a ton of time and money doing so.

As I shared in this article on business and functional requirements, it’s critical to evaluate what your business needs to do and what your actual needs are before you select a piece of software…not just choose the shiniest, latest thing.

You’ll be better off in the long run if you do your homework up front and trust the process rather than rush. will always caution a business leader to really make sure you understand what it is as a business you’re trying to do, what the different departments in your organization need to do, and how well they’re able to do it now versus how well they could be doing it.

That’s where it comes it handy to have a good evaluation of your current processes followed by a technical evaluation.

Once you have documented all of the business processes, you can see where there are holes and figure out how to shore them up. Then, with the help of professionals like us, you can put those requirements into a request for a proposal that you send to a few different software vendors. You can tell them: here’s what we’re trying to do as a business, here’s some of the functionality we need, and we want to make sure new software fits with the current processes and fits into the ecosystem of other software we have.

It’s worth having software vendors do the dog and pony show for you. You can even provide them with sample data so they can show you with examples that pertain to your business how their software does what you need it to do and how it integrates with other pieces of software.

After you see several vendors show their presentations, you can score them based on criteria you come up with beforehand on business fit: fit to purpose based on price, fit to technology architecture, and maintainability and ease of the update. (That’s the true cost of ownership when you take into account how much it costs plus how much it takes to maintain and upgrade as you go along.)

When you look at three or four different vendors, it becomes much more clear which product is best for you. It’s worth putting in the time and effort to determine your requirements, do requests for proposals from vendors, and have vendors show you how their software will fit into your organization.

We help organizations do this, and we make that process a lot simpler for them by helping with analysis paralysis and informed decision making. Once you select your software, we help implement and integrate the software into your current ecosystem, too. Reach out here to get started today.