Our clients are visionary leaders of public transit and transportation, financial services and healthcare companies.
Our clients are visionary leaders of public transit and transportation, financial services and healthcare companies.

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Are you struggling with systems that are outdated or don’t work together?

Do you lack the data you need to make informed decisions?

When you have clean actionable data, you can make better decisions.

Data-informed decisions are the cornerstone of your operations. But you’re frustrated by inaccurate data from your organization’s legacy (or ill-fitting) systems that clog the flow of information to the other systems in your organization. You know how a garden hose gets kinked and the flow of water slows to a trickle? That’s what’s happening to your data. Except in some cases, the hose is attached to the wrong spigot!

It’s nearly impossible to run a business when you’re dealing with:

  • Manual entry errors that cause problems with the data, which then generate meaningless reports. This self-perpetuating problem costs your business in unnecessary overhead.
  • Interrupted business operations caused by erroneous data being fed to other systems within your organization.
  • Frustrated customers who get different answers from different departments. Customer service suffers, and opportunities to upsell are missed.

You can’t make informed decisions without easy-to-understand, accurate data.

Plus, you trust your gut instinct as part of your decision-making process. Wouldn’t it be great to have the data to back that up? Or at least give you the information you need so that you know to dig deeper?

Imagine your daily operations running smoothly, with your departments frequently communicating. Issues are addressed quickly on an ad-hoc basis. Repeat customers and increased sales are the norm because departments have access to accurate, clear information that improves the customer experience.
  • You’re confident that you have the right information at your fingertips to identify trends and revenue-generating opportunities.
  • Staff know that supervisors are measuring performance based on metrics that are within their control because the correct data points and systems are in place.
  • All of your technology systems are aligned with business processes, allowing current and accurate information to flow seamlessly from one department to another.

Questioning the accuracy of your organization’s data creates a barrier to effective decisions.

And that results in costly delays of time and resources.

Your struggle to access easy-to-understand data is often caused by:
  • Business processes and technology systems that are siloed, scattering data instead of centralizing it in one repository.
  • Siloed business and IT departments. When a problem occurs, one department or the other thinks it can be solved with a “boxed system” without taking into consideration the interconnectedness of the business as a whole. Eventually that boxed system requires costly customization in order to deliver results that are still a far cry from what you really need.
  • Costly delays in solutions, which leads to tactical instead of strategic decisions. Tactical decisions may offer effective stop-gaps, but don’t provide long-term solutions to the bigger problem.

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