Staff Augmentation

Are you a visionary leader of a company going through a large-scale transformation?

You have existing IT infrastructure, but you can’t just use your existing staff for transformational projects— you need them working on your operational projects.

You need to ramp up your staff so you can get your project done and keep the lights on for all your current systems.

Our staff augmentation services help you get over the finish line with your organization’s transformation. We send in our seasoned tech experts to become full-time contingent staff for the duration of your project.

We have project managers, business systems analysts, developers, and quality assurance analysts to augment your existing staff.

Together, we get your transformational projects done – so you can increase profitability and scalability, and meet your business goals. 

Our technical team are seasoned at transformational projects, and they’re here to streamline and scale yours.

Here are the roles we can fill:

Project Managers to make sure you have a project plan that you are marching towards, keep people on top of their tasks, and proactively work to unblock issues so your team can keep going on their way and the daily operations can run smoothly.

Business Analysts and Business Systems Analysts to figure out the what, why and how, giving the development team a specification to develop to and for Software Quality Assurance team members to write test cases.

Application Developers fluent in all of the major programming languages that are used today for user interface and middleware development, with cross-training that ensures they have an understanding of what the business is trying to do as a whole.

Software Quality Assurance Analysts who really try to break the system.  Software users do plenty of things the developers never saw coming, so we want our analysts to make some moves that you wouldn’t expect.

Anyone you select for augmentation is also going to be able to come back to the StarSpring team for personal coaching and support for any issues they run into.

Need staff augmentation for an in-house project?