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Team Synergy and the Art of Uniting the Factions

No matter where you go, you’re going to find people who have conflicting interests and agendas.

Now, in a perfect world, your organization would be set up so that everybody understands exactly where the organization is going and what their piece in getting to that goal is, and everybody is working in lockstep with each other to get to that goal – but again, that’s in a perfect world. 

In reality, I don’t know of any organization that’s that well run. I think there are some that are pretty damn good at achieving team synergy and getting their people to collectively understand where they’re all going. But you’re almost always going to end up with one or two of what I affectionately refer to as “turds in the punchbowl.” 

And honestly, badly run organizations can turn a lot of relatively decent people and good resources into extra turds in the punchbowl. That’s why I make team synergy an immediate priority. What I always do at the beginning of an engagement is find out who the players are when I first get there, and then I put together a sort of personality dossier on each person. I talk to them, try to find good ways of having organic conversations with them, and through this process, I get an idea for who’s involved and what drives them. 

If you can figure out what drives the players, what drives the entire organization and where those things align, then usually, if you have two parties who are technically part of the same program and trying to get the same thing done – but who have competing agendas and don’t get along with each other – you can usually find common ground in what drives them if you really dig deep enough. 

This is the thread that weaves through everything we talk about here: the people. When the Founding Fathers set out to write the Constitution and the other documents that went along with it, one of the principles that made the process work was acknowledging the need to create a system of government that understands human nature and channels people’s vices towards where you need them to go. 

I’ve always kind of kept that thought in the back of my mind. How do you channel someone’s vice to get them to do something that’s ultimately for the greater good? 

There aren’t enough people, in business or in life, that pay enough attention to developing team synergy in an organization or group. Especially in the world of technology, you end up with a lot of managers who just know they need to get sh!t done and don’t want to talk to tech people, and a lot of tech people, a large percentage of whom are less than fantastic socially, who are trying to communicate with each other and get stuff done. 

And instead, everybody just ends up unhappy. You need people who are able to navigate the human side. Once you get everybody to agree on a set of goals and find commonalities with each other, you’ll find that they can get sh!t out of the way and move forward.

P.S. – The reason I can lend some insight on the topic of team synergy is that it is, frankly, my superpower. Think you could put that superpower to good use in your enterprise? Get in touch with us