What Clients Say
What Clients Say

"I engaged Tim and several of his team at StarSpring at a large financial institution on a number of highly visible engagements. The team provided real value from the get-go, leveraging their industry knowledge and experience in understanding our needs and requirements along with world-class execution skills. The quality of resources was high, which resulted in StarSpring being engaged over an extended period of time leading transformational programs, performing critical business analysis and improving upon business operations. Tim personally excels at marrying business architecture with technical architecture to provide the best solution to the issue we were solving for. He achieved all this through patience and leadership in developing requirements as well as the ability to build trust across many diverse stakeholder groups.

A key benefit which I always appreciated, and why I continued to engage StarSpring, is that solutions were implemented and executed efficiently. The team saw the work through, progress was always demonstrable and issues were mitigated, all while remaining focused on the end objective."
Michael Gregson
Former SVP of Risk Management, Citizens Financial Group

“Tim was invaluable in being able to distill and transform my vision, which was unintelligible scribbles on a whiteboard, into succinct and articulate goals that became actions on a project plan. He gave me crucial leverage by taking all my unrefined ideas and distilling them into salient, cohesive points we could easily frame, position, and execute against.

The other highly valuable skill Tim brought to our organization was knowledge of the key players, along with a talent for navigating the various stakeholders to reach a consensus. He was always professional, balanced, and willing to challenge me where appropriate. I knew I would get thoughtful questions from Tim - specifically, he challenged my thinking in a professional way, enabling more precise and well-developed communication that got results.

In my experience, there are two facets to any project: the goal and the intent. It is the latter that is critical to success. The intent provides clarity as to the guardrails around the goal to be achieved, as well as in the desired outcomes. Tim has the ability to distill these facets, enabling the team to achieve the goal and the intended outcomes.”
Mark D'Arcy Headshot
Mark D'Arcy
President & CEO of FINCAD (Former SVP of Enterprise Risk Management at State Street)
"The ability to effectively manage a multi-faceted project that is complex in nature comes effortlessly to Tim. He takes ownership of each project's goals and his leadership has consistently delivered nothing short of superb results. Tim’s dedication to a project's success is demonstrative of his character, as is his desire to assist his peers in their personal growth, and his outside-the-box thinking and natural ability to engage his peers makes him a true standout when leading team discussions."
Michael Samoulian
Director of Transformational Change, Blackrock
“The T needed software rolled out through a period of time at different phases to allow operators to electronically select their work. It was a drawn out process and there were lots of systems that had to talk to one another to make sure it would work properly.

Tim was in charge of working through that process, getting the union on board, and helping people understand the process that may not understand the whole system. He has an ability to break technical ideas down to make them easier to understand for not-so-technical people like myself and other union members.

Tim always had an understanding of how things would effect operators and how to mitigate those effects and smooth things over with the union. He’s a great communicator who goes out of his way to resolve issues while others within the T weren’t willing to resolve them.

He has a great team who was really understanding and helpful with the whole process. Tim has a great relationship with his team and was able to help them really understand our issues so they could solve them.

He has an ability to connect with people and work together to deliver on short-term goals while working towards the larger end-goal. I look forward to working together again in the future!”
Pat Hogan
Senior Delegate, Division 3, Boston Carmen's Union (ATU Local 589)

"Tim brings a unique personality and set of skills to everything he does, and his approach is marked by a logical, methodical viewpoint that always leads to exceptional solutions paired with effective communication skills.

We engaged Tim to lead the internal side of a huge transition in scheduling software (from paper to digital) within the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority.

The initiative carried with it very high stakes, serving 150 communities and involving numerous parties, none of whom wanted to see the system break or slow down for any reason.

Tim rose to the challenge and managed to stay about 100 steps ahead of problems at all times, weighing cost/benefits quickly and presenting a solution before issues sprang up.

He consistently communicated complex technological concepts in accessible terms to the everyday executive and rapidly gained my deepest trust with his commitment to being candid and clear at all times.

I was more than comfortable letting him take the reins even in environments where I was unfamiliar, and always trusted that Tim would let me have the bad news without sugarcoating, which is invaluable to me as an executive.

Last but not least, Tim is a born leader. His teams trust him implicitly and are incredibly loyal. Above all else, that alone told me what I needed to know about Tim’s ability to lead and inspire."

Jessica Vonashek
Former Chief Officer of Operations Policy and Oversight, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

"I had the good fortune of working with Tim when he was brought onboard to help facilitate, coordinate and streamline changes of multiple company paper based outdated processes or programs. Tim held or co-chaired frequent coordination meetings with internal departments and conducted routine outreach to the assigned vendor. He and his team worked closely with management, labor relations and end users to determine company requirements, work rules, bargained agreements and potential options. Tim gathered information from his team, the company and vendor and incorporated feedback to make the best decisions for all involved, while keeping in line with deadlines.

In my experience, Tim is a leader that has demonstrated a willingness to look at the big picture, incorporate feedback while remaining task-oriented and laser-focused to meet project goals."
Norman Michaud
Former Assistant General Manager of Rail Operations, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA)

"When I took over the company, I realized how outdated our processes were. I needed to change our workflow, ERP, and project management systems, but it was more complex than I anticipated. That's where Tim came in. His support was pivotal. He didn’t just consult; he lived the problem with us, day in and day out for four months, and provided a comprehensive roadmap that has been crucial for our transformation.

Tim has passion running through his veins. He’s a passionate executor who gets personally involved. His ability to connect with my team, earn their trust, and get them to buy in was nothing short of remarkable. His communication skills are top-notch, and he engages with everyone on a personal level to really understand and solve the issues at hand. Tim stands out because he wears his passion on his sleeve—quite literally, as a well-dressed man, but also through his dedication to seeing us succeed.

Tim is worth every penny. He’s helped us achieve a 10% growth rate annually since implementing his strategies. I highly recommend him and look forward to our continued collaboration. With Tim, the value comes back tenfold."

Mike Hale
Owner/CEO, AJA International